Plans to Celebrate Rakhi in a New Way Exploring the Real Thrill

Send Rakhi to FaridabadRakhi is a special day for every person to celebrate the special bond between them and to uphold the ideals of protecting each other from every difficulty and hurdles that come each other’s way.

A grand occasion to be joyous about, this celebration brings the close knitted ones in a family come closer by reminiscing about your childhood memories. So to make the day more special and create a special ambiance for the person who would do anything for you under the sun. Done and dusted with the same old sweets and goodies celebrations, here are some ideas for you to check out to make this day a day to remember.


In the era of quick selfies and where technology is every day used, how about we scroll through the reel photos clicked in our old cameras. You’ll be amazed at how crazed your parents were to click your pictures. Clicking every move and stumble of yours, it’s a memory down the lane. Collaborate all the pictures together, get it framed and see the glow on your sibling’s face when he or she receives it. And not to forget, the glee on your parents’ face will be unbeatable.


The latest trend in the generation, from pre-wedding and post-wedding video shoots to birthday ideas are totally in style. Film short interviews of all your cousins and family members include the moments that have been captured and wrap it up in the form of a video. You can also put an emotional song in the background. As soon as you sit with the video and some tissues by your side, the trip down the lane will only bring smiles, laughs and muffles alive in the scenario. It will be a worthy gift for your loved one.


We all have a favorite place which is always close to our hearts, a place best visited with family. The place every year where we visit with our clan and spend some family time is the perfect place to visit at this time of the year. Get all your close ones in your family in a tightly knitted group and see how marvelous turns out to be. Try to plan a trip with some added goodness and some really amazing plans for your clan to look forward to. Such trips are always cherished later and it will bring down so many memories of yours.


There must be some of your favorite flicks which is ideal for a family set up. Or a brother-sister bond to get stronger. Or maybe just random favorites. Combine them together, pick out from different genres – comedy or emotional or horror or thriller or family love.

Make sure you set up timings when you had watched these films and perhaps missed the best scenes. Relive it again. This time with a proper set up of popcorn, cold drinks, ice cream, and many more snacks and live a lifetime together in some hours.

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